Test Animation for Upcoming Interactive Experience

The following video illustrates recent progress regarding the creation of architectural animations. This and other animations are meant to illustrate the materials and construction methods for Cracker-style houses. This style was common throughout North Florida during the 19th and early-20th centuries. Residents of Rosewood and nearby towns would have constructed their homes in this or similar styles. This model is based on the Whiddon Cabin, located at the Forest Capital Museum in Perry, Florida.

The animation of historic structures will provide additional forms of interaction for users of Rosewood: An Interactive Historical Experience (aka Rosewood 2.0). This and other improvements are designed to engage users in the exploration of the town’s vanished landscape. Other improvements include key spots to activate and listen to oral testimony and object interactions to explore the everyday artifacts used by residents of Rosewood.

Apologies for the quickness of the video. The final form will be much slower, and allow users to better understand how local materials were used to construct homes.