Future of Rosewood Discussed at Recent Conferences

It’s been a busy couple of months! I delivered two separate conference papers during the month of April. These papers focused on my ongoing work with the Virtual Rosewood project. The first conference held in Santa Cruz, CA was the Modeling Culture conference, where I delivered a paper titled Media Ecology, Video Games, and the Emerging Role of Virtual Reality in Archaeological Interpretation. The second paper, delivered at the annual meetings for the Society for American Archaeology in Orlando, FL was titled Cyberfeminism, Virtual Worlds, and Resisting the Feminization of Digital Archaeology.

While both papers discuss Rosewood, the Modeling Culture paper specifically outlines future work. I’ve converted the talk into a YouTube video, available below.

This 15-minute video discusses the role walking simulators are playing in the ongoing updates to Rosewood. As always, check back for further updates.

Thanks for reading,
Ed Gonzalez-Tennant