1900, 1910, and 1920 Census Records

The US Census provides important information about race and gender, home ownership, employment, education status, and composition of households. Previous research into the history of Rosewood focused on the 1920 census. An expanded view helps construct a deeper understanding of the town’s development. Also, it appears that the census takers for 1920 failed to record detailed information about home ownership, occupation, and education in Rosewood. This information is available in earlier Federal and State census.

This information is provided free of charge for use by anyone. Hopefully descendants and relatives of Rosewood and Sumner families can use it to help with their genealogical research.

1900 Census Transcription
1910 Census Transcription
1920 Census Transcription

We also have maps covering the enumeration districts for each of these years. Enumeration districts record the complete area referenced by each set of census forms. Click the image below to download a single map showing the enumeration district boundaries for all three years.

1900 Enumeration District
1910 Enumeration District
1920 Enumeration District


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