Virtual Rosewood Released! – click here to interactively explore a virtual world environment of Rosewood in your web browser.

A major update for Virtual Rosewood continues, learn more here.

Visitors to this website can now experience a completely reconstructed, virtual version of Rosewood as it existed prior to the 1923 race riot. This Virtual Rosewood was constructed using a suite of programs. The open source 3D program Blender was used to model the structures and the Unity 3D game engine used to produce the virtual world. The layout of the community is based upon the spatial template created by mapping historic property (HP) ownership. The present version of Virtual Rosewood was completed by one person (Dr. Edward Gonzalez-Tennant) and required roughly 600 hours to complete. This does not include the several months in late 2009 and early 2010 spent researching and creating the historic properties GIS.

Virtual Rosewood

Download a map of Virtual Rosewood

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