Welcome to the Rosewood Heritage Project. This is a place to document ongoing research into the community of Rosewood, Florida – a mostly African American town destroyed during a 1923 race riot. The project’s goals center on a mixed methods approach combining archaeology, documentary evidence, and oral history to better understand the development and demise of Rosewood. We are also examining the use of new media to recreate the vanished landscape of Rosewood. This includes ongoing updates to the virtual world environment representing the town as it existed in 1922.
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Another themes central to this project focuses on the legacy of such events in Florida and beyond. This includes contextualizing the history of Rosewood within local, regional, and national trends. Ongoing oral history work in Levy County illuminates the history of Rosewood, the neighboring town of Sumner, and Levy County. This research explores social memory, dark tourism, and issues of race and racism. You can read more about this research in the publications section.
This research has much to teach 21st century America regarding the legacy of inequality. Unfortunately, Rosewood is like many other locations where individuals and communities ‘vanish’ under a fog of collective amnesia. These hazy chapters of history haunt our collective memory and remind us that those who forget are doomed to repeat…
Thanks for visiting the site and taking an interest in this exciting project.
Edward González-Tennant