Rosewood Promotional Still

As we prepare for our crowdfunding campaign, one of the primary tasks involves the creation of a short video explaining the project. The most successful crowdfunding campaigns include relatively short videos (1-2 minutes) that explain the project in clear terms. These short videos give a brief taste of what the final product will look like. Promotional stills are crucial. In the case of video games, good promo stills should convey the atmosphere of the final game.

Preliminary Version of Second Promo Still for “Rosewood”

The above image was created with Unity 3D, the game engine we are using to update Virtual Rosewood and create Rosewood. The scene portrays the rural location of Rosewood, a small hamlet of 30 or so homes spread across two square miles. The vegetation includes species which are native to north central Florida, and Levy County in particular. The plants were created and/or edited with SpeedTree and Blender.

In truth, this is not a true virtual world. The road, ground surface, vegetation, and other objects (e.g., rocks) were only placed in the camera’s field of view. That said, the final version will look similar as the same landscape components will be used. Here’s a screenshot of the ‘still life’ used for this promo image.

Behind the Scenes

Thanks for taking the time to read this post and learn a little bit about this exciting work. We’ll continue to update the site, aiming for one update each week. Feel free to share this post far and wide. It’ll help with the crowdfunding efforts and to share the story of Rosewood with a larger audience. You can also like the project’s Facebook Page.

Thanks again!
Ed Gonzalez-Tennant