Virtual Rosewood 2.0 Sample House Model

The next major step for Virtual Rosewood will involve a crowd-funding campaign to help us realize the vision of a fully reconstructed and interactive virtual world. This virtual world will draw upon emerging trends in narrative-based games to bring the history of Rosewood to life for a new generation.

In order to prepare for this next step, we have modeled new structures that will eventually populate the virtual world. These models represent major improvements over the earlier versions used in Virtual Rosewood 1.0 (the current version). The previous versions, while still based on historically known structures, were modeled five years ago. They were modeled quickly to prototype the virtual world. You can view an earlier model below.

In contrast, we are taking more time to model the new buildings. These structures are also based on historic examples, and we are particularly interested in creating more realistic homes for the updated virtual world. The model below shows one of these homes, based on the main house at the Dudley Farm Historic State Park in Newberry, Florida.

The above structure is just one example of the many updates planned for Virtual Rosewood 2.0 (working title: Rosewood). As mentioned in previous posts, we plan to make the updated version available on PC, MAC, and at least one console (PS4 or XBOX One). In addition to newly modeled homes, other elements of Rosewood’s landscape will be reconstructed. This will include elements of the agricultural and industrial economies that helped Rosewood remain sufficient, such as citrus groves and turpentine stills.

Turpentine Still
Turpentine stills were common in 19th and 20th century rural Florida. (Image: Florida Memory).

Keep checking back for updates, and keep an eye out for our Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. It will launch in the coming weeks!

Thanks for reading,
Ed Gonzalez-Tennant